Agile development: Flexible rather than static

Every software expert knows this dilemma: Barely is a new application ready when parts of it are already outdated. This is where agile development comes in: a method for bringing software to market maturity more quickly and more flexibly. And at better quality almost every time, too, since quality is not tested at the end but instead is "baked in".
We have long employed agile project methods such as Scrum, Lean and Kanban – with increasing success. Transparency, periodical testing and consistent adaptation of approaches greatly increase efficiency. Continuous optimisation of our approaches is anchored in just about all of our processes. After all, no matter how fast and motivated software developers are at their work, with the wrong processes, they will never be able to realise their full potential. Equally important is the right training: We offer coaching for scrum masters, analysis workshops for entire teams, training courses for requirements engineers and much more.

Become agile: The agile transition

Being agile means more than just applying agile methods. "Agile working" requires the proper mindset and work practices to be instituted in the organisation. This includes analysing the entire value chain, after which a team creates adapted coaching, training, implementation and tooling services. Relevant innovation topics on the markets are constantly observed in order to use the full spectrum. Ultimately, the success of the agile transition must be transparent and clearly traceable for all involved. We have defined the following stations:









Workshops for:

Vision & Strategic Mapping Work


Transition Coaching

Kanban Training, Lean Product Validation Workshop

Workshops for:

Scaling Agile

Agile Governance

Agile Governance

Agile portfolio

Planing training

Agile Contracting

Workshop: DevOps in a Nutshell, Agile Software Architecture

Retrospective Facilitation

Leading agile restrospective, Paper Prototyping Workshop

Kaizen Assessments


Agile working: Agile development "as individual as your needs"

For the transition to agile product development, we never deliver standard solutions: Every project is treated individually, since it needs its own, perfectly fitting solution. This applies on a technical level, where established tools (often open source) and current development methods (such as pair programming and incremental design) are used in a targeted way. It also applies on the team level, where our experienced development team helps your developers acquire the necessary know-how. We impart expert knowledge using innovative formats such as coding dojos, active coaching and special courses. An important factor in all of this is motivation: Our experienced experts get your employees engaged from the outset. All successes are joint successes – including everything up to the full, successful transition to agile methods.







Design Thinking, Paper Prototyping, Lean Product Validation

Lean Product Validation Experts

Crowd Innovation Concept


Jira, Confluence

CSM, CSD, TDD with Java, Atlassian Training, Codijng Dojo, Clean Code Excellence

Team Coaching

Continuous Delivery Consulting


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