Agile scaling: Agility on a growth trajectory

Agile methods massively increase the efficiency of work processes in software development. Therefore many companies nowadays employ certified experts such as a Scrum Master and Product Owner. When a project reaches a certain scale, however, the agile principle starts to reach its limits: multiple teams may not work as autonomously or independently as expected. Specialists often cannot be assigned full time to just one team, yet companies operate best when they have absolute cost transparency during the entire Project Life Cycle.

Project management is key

When operating large-scale projects agile, project management has a crucial role to play. Our experts support your enterprise on planning, coordinating subprojects, controlling and regular tests at defined software development levels. We collaborate closely with your project managers to successfully utilise all opportunities of the agile method.

Benefit from experience

We have managed many complex, large-scale IT projects. With our expertise and best practices, we develop tailored concepts that implement the agile principle reasonably in your project. This includes interdisciplinary teams, project managers with full decision-making power, prioritisation of subgoals and establishing the agile value system throughout the entire project. Communication with your employees is key to all this: The more strongly they identify with the goals of the agile method, the more lasting the success will be.

Our range of services:

  • Scaled Agile Readiness check with Gap Analysis: We determine the status quo and analyse whether your company is ready to take on large-scale agile projects.
  • Scaled Agile Coaching: We advise project managers and executive staff on the management of large-scale agile projects
  • Scaled Agile Delivery: Our certified project managers consistently implement the developed agile methods together with your employees. For successful projects. On time. On budget. To full satisfaction.
  • Scaled Agile Transition: We develop a complete transition strategy for your company, and support you on its implementation, including aspects such as process & governance, portfolio planning, tools & technology, and internal and external contract management.

Kanban: Successfully avoiding bottlenecks

A single bottleneck can bring an entire operation to a halt. Just think, for example, of an automotive production line. In fact, this is exactly where the Kanban method was developed: a method that recognises, analyses and eliminates bottlenecks in auto factories – always with the goal of deploying personnel efficiently and without overload.

Always on top of things

it-economics has successfully applied the Kanban method in IT for many years. Maintenance and systems operation are often faced with similar problems: bloated processes increase the work volume until employees are overloaded and bottlenecks are created. This is where agile methods, such as Kanban, are needed: they create transparency, clarify responsibilities and keep track of workloads, ultimately reducing them.

Proven and successful

The major advantages of the Kanban method: it is based on existing processes and can be introduced gradually, making it more evolution than revolution. Our certified experts have successfully helped many companies to introduce agile methods over the past 10 years. With proven approaches and tried-and-tested methods, they find suitable solutions for your business, even if the conditions are not so favourable at first. But it is not about focusing on a method – it is always about the benefit for your company.


Our range of services

  • Support with the introduction of Kanban, analysis of current processes
  • Evaluation of work in progress limits
  • Creation of the Kanban board
  • Establishing the lean philosophy in your project team, e.g. through workshops
  • Accompanying coaching and mentoring