Continuous delivery: Better results, fully automatically

Should we roll out this new piece of software as quickly as possible, or put it through lengthy quality control first? Most companies will find themselves asking this question at one time or another. It's a tricky dilemma: either opt for a quick release or wait until a host of changes have been identified and then make those time-consuming, manual adaptations. Ultimately, the go-live becomes either a risky adventure or an inefficient, costly affair.

The solution: Integrate a largely automated, continuous and fully reproducible quality control system into the delivery process.

For many years, our experts have been automating deployment pipelines in various contexts and branches under all kinds of conditions. However your company is set up, we will find the right solution for you. Benefit from a streamlining of your entire value chain: increased automation, quicker feedback for better troubleshooting and adaptation, reliable release quality, integrated automated tests and shorter time-to-market. Or to put it shortly: higher productivity at lower delivery costs, and that at higher reproducibility.

Continuous delivery is the right choice if you want to respond flexibly to your customers in a dynamic environment, and offer them marketable solutions at the right time. With short feedback cycles, you can test your solutions cost-effectively in the market, and with automated and standardised processes, delivery becomes a repeatable routine at all times.

Our range of services

  • Full analysis, realistic targets and concrete implementation concepts
  • Automated packaging of software
  • Extensive automation: build, installation processes, infrastructure provision and database migration
  • Creation of a delivery pipeline and integration into the company processes
  • Test design and automation, from unit tests to technical acceptance tests to performance tests
  • Versioning and management of configurable elements in the pipeline
  • Integration of analytical tools for validating code and test quality