DevOps – agility for the entire software life cycle

Accelerated innovation cycles in software development

Only who is innovative and fast remains competitive and may outperform the competition – this especially applies to the field of software and to IT in general. Lately, agile methods have become established in development departments to accelerate the innovation cycles. However, IT operations often get left out because frequent releases increase the risks to security and stability of productive systems. Not rarely, (too) little of the increased innovation in development reaches the end customer.

DevOps – expansion of the agile principle to IT operations

DevOps offers a solution for the tension between development and operations by extending the agile principle to the entire life cycle of software applications. DevOps helps increase cooperation of development and operations staff, focusing on culture and communication changes, new working methods and processes, as well as supporting software tools.

This is how DevOps helps to become faster and more innovative:

  • Development and operations are integrated in product development continuously and from the outset.
  • Communication and cooperation are improved by a cultural change, new working methods as well as collaboration tools.
  • Test and live systems are matched to fully automate test, build and deployment.
  • Result: more frequent and more stable releases of your software products, more satisfied customers and employees


Our services

Trainings & Workshops:

For years, our consultants have been helping customers adopt agile principles and implement agile software projects. In sequential trainings, we impart our experiences, best practices and the underlying theoretical foundations.

DevOps in a Nutshell

In this orientation workshop, DevOps is not only explained to you. You experience DevOps first-hand, based on a project simulation with LEGO, and thus get a feeling for working with DevOps.

DevOps Maturity

Within a workshop, we determine the maturity level of your development process, aided by the CALMS model. Based on that, we work out specific steps for the realization of DevOps in your company.

Cloud-Native Ready Application Assessment

We evaluate your application with the 12 factor app rules. Subsequently, you get specific recommendations and support for migrating your application to the cloud.

DevOps Liftoff

Based on the results of the workshops "DevOps maturity" and "Cloud-Native Ready Application Assessment", we develop an individual implementation concept for DevOps and coach the implementation.


Your team has already started introducing agile methods? Ensure that the methods are used correctly and consistently. We coach your teams during the implementation and consolidation of agile methods in everyday work, because if misunderstood, agile methods do not create more innovation, but block your teams’ work.

Agile Coaching

For an effective implementation of DevOps, your developers are supposed to work agile. Our experienced ScrumMasters and agile coaches help you select the appropriate agile method (Kanban, Scrum, Lean) and adapt it to your needs as well as coach your team in practicing the methods and applying these in specific projects.

DevOps Coaching

Your developers already work agile, and now you want to take the next steps towards DevOps? Our experienced coaches extend your team’s knowledge step by step and practice the corresponding techniques: from Pair Programming to Infrastructure as Code and Delivery Pipeline as Code to CALMS principles and Production First Mindset.

DevOps Change & Delivery Pipeline

For an efficient cooperation of development and operations, development, testing and product environments need to be coordinated. In addition, software tools to facilitate cooperation are required. Testing, build, deployment and analysis can largely be automated.

Cloud Migration

DevOps and cloud perfectly fit together. The cloud offers sufficient flexibility and agility for the use of tools and components required for DevOps. Project management, collaboration tools, version control, test, build and deployment tools – all is now available as cloud application. We help you enable scalability and cost efficiency by cloud migration.

Tools we work with: