Who are we and how many? - And what are we actually all doing here...?
With imatch, we have developed an efficient tool based on Atlassian that gives you a reliable overview of available staff capacities, existing project portfolios and their correlations. And that for the entire lifecycle from the requirements vision, up to handover of finished products to maintenance.

For your most valuable asset: your employees

With imatch, you manage capacities and skills of your employees, create workload overview from existing data, and can efficiently assign individual projects to employees. A reporting module ensures end-to-end traceability of requirements, while the spider module transfers all imatch-related data into the existing Jira database.

Another advantage: imatch is a Jira add-on. It is modular and integrates seamlessly into the Atlassian structure. Useful tools support you targetedly and efficiently in every phase, so that you simply plan, manage and control better.



imatch provides clear and simple views directly in Jira

imatch can be adapted to individual needs

imatch supports the entire IT-PPM lifecycle

By being integrated into Jira and using clear structures, imatch offers simple, clear views that allow targeted and smooth working with the add-on.

imatch has been developed as a modular Jira add-on, so that it can adapt to the needs of the respective company. The various components are all interrelated, but can also be used separately as needed. 

The aims of IT-PPM are efficient use of the resources available in a company, constant comparison of strategic corporate goals with the currently planned project portfolio to be implemented, and continuous creation of transparency between supply and demand.

The Atlassian Marketplace will be available soon...