Management, technology and expertise from one source

We combine three primary areas of competence – management, expertise and technology – into a single dynamic unit. As "highly specialised generalists", we develop efficient, high quality, pragmatic and above all future-proof solutions. Our services range from holistic project management to software development, from implementation and support in migration processes to establishing sales organisations.

Management – an interdisciplinary interface

Project management determines the overall strategic thrust and constraints of a project, and strikes a balance between what specialists require and what is technically feasible – always under consideration of the timeframe, available budget and given resources.

Management tools and methods

Over many years we have developed  and optimized efficient management tools and monitoring strategies. Our status-tracking, reporting tools and proactive risk management – including contingency planning – are key to the success of our projects. All project participants and suppliers are kept constantly up to date on deadlines, responsibilities, process interdependencies and project activities, enabling them to take quick action when necessary.

New perspectives for your projects

Our skilled teams comprise experts with a profound understanding of each industry, vast experience and technological know-how. They are people with analytical and creative minds, who are not afraid to think outside the box, and who are driven by a desire to find the optimum solution. Projects are always viewed from a variety of different angles – with an eye for all the details without losing sight of the big picture.

Our competences

  • agile projectmanagement (Scrum, Kanban)
  • professional project- and program-management, PMO
  • projectmanagement-services
  • change management
  • application management

Technology – custom IT solutions

Our focus lies on the design and implementation of business-critical applications, and on providing holistic project support from start to rollout – and well beyond. Even after project completion, we are there for our customers, assisting with ongoing development, providing technical support and enhancing maintainability through regular code refactoring.

Software architecture with system

We concentrate on forward-looking development and revision of flexible, clearly structured and demand-oriented software that is tailored to individual functional requirements and can grow organically in step with the needs of its users.
While developing the software products that best meet the product- and industry-specific needs of our customers and the end users, we continuously revise the security, practicability, scalability and future viability of the potential solution.

Our competences

  • Software-Engineering based on Java technology stack
  • Agile Software Development Methods lik SCRUM, Kanban, XP and Lean Startup
  • Enterprise portal solutions
  • Atlassian
  • Professional testautomation, TDD
  • Continous delivery
  • Cloud (AWS) for test enviroments and production systems
  • Webfrontends (Vaadin, Wicket, Angular JS)
  • Business process management (BPM) and business rules engine
  • Integration solutions and product specific development e.g. Salesforce

Specialist knowledge meets industry expertise

Our profound understanding of product- and industry-specific requirements, combined with our analytical, goal-oriented and interdisciplinary approach, makes us both an ideal sounding board and a highly prized consultant for our clients. it-economics has vast experience in managing and implementing consulting projects in the IT sector.

Focus on the financial sector

Our customers are mainly mid-sized and large companies from the financial services industry. We have gained valuable technical and methodological experience from many consulting projects, with many solutions for banks and insurance companies, including for their data and computing centres. Customers from the energy, production and media industries also make use of our extensive expertise.

Our business solutions

  • Salesforce integration solution
  • Real estate financing
  • Payment transaction solutions

Our competences

  • Business process analysis, requirements engineering
  • Payment transactions, mobile payments and card payments
  • SEPA mandate service, e-mandates, mandate management
  • Banking and insurance processes
  • Financial portals
  • Multi-channel strategies (voice, mobile apps, HBCI, web)
  • Finance and accounting, security
  • Energy trading
  • Logistics
  • Knowledge management