Why working nearshore

Nowadays, everyone is looking for them: highly educated, internationally experienced software developers and IT project management specialists. We found them nowhere else but in the Bulgarian capital, Sofia, where we established our first foreign branch.

Our professional nearshore center Sofia provides a number of standardized services, which allow you to outsource time-consuming as well as labor-intensive tasks. Consequently you will be able to cut costs along the value chain with absolutely no losses in quality.

Our specialists – Your added-value

Although there are many other advantages worth being mentioned as a reason to outsource nearshore, we believe that the people we found in Sofia are the main benefit.

Well educated, experienced in international working environments, fluent in several languages, well acquainted with various software and technologies, motivated to give their best and be part of challenging projects. These are just some of the skills our nearshore team offers.

Support  for your IT projects is less than 2 hours flight time away

Sharing common time zones gives us the chance to provide you with timely support. We as a nearshore team work and communicate effectively, react in time and determine important decisions together with your team on site, as if we were working  within the same building.

Additionally, Sofia is well connected to the major European destinations with direct flights that last about 2 hours. Hence, you can always visit us or let us fly in, whichever you prefer, in a convenient and timely manner.

Similar culture – same values

Even though each European country has its own cultural specifics, at the end of the day we share the same cultural, ethical and business values. Values that influence our behavior at work as well as in personal life.

Our nearshore team is a good match to your organization! We understand and share the same business culture of being pro-active in aiming for the best performance and results. There  are no known cultural specifics that would  stay in the way of an efficient communication. In fact, just the opposite applies, as we celebrate the same Christian holidays and we all as well enjoy a good pizza and beer!

Why does this matters? Because when we get along well, we work together better!

Working nearshore is result- and cost-oriented

Here the key advantages of working with the right nearshore center:

  • reduced labour cost: hiring full-time IT staff can be prohibitively expensive, especially in Western Europe and North America. Outsourcing to a nearshore location reduces labour costs significantly.

  • trained, experienced and qualified staff: working with a high-quality IT outsourcing provider means you instantly gain access to highly trained and experienced staff with specialized knowledge of the latest technology and trends.

  • reduced risk: it is the outsourcing provider who will manage industry specific risks such as employee turnover, technology shift, and security and compliance issues.

  • ability to stay focused on your core business: you get to focus your time and effort on your core business rather than complex IT decisions.

 If you would like to find out more, you can contact us.


How it works

Cooperation model: One structure ‒ endless possibilities

Here are some of the configurations we currently employ with our customers, tailored for their specific needs.

Single Point of Contact OnSite

  • Good for projects with language barriers

  • Cost effective

  • Nearshore Team "shielded"

Single Point of Contact Nearshore

  • Direct customer interaction

  • Little overhead

  • Cost effective

Mixed Team On-site and Nearshore

  • On-site team acts as buffer

  • Cost reduction possible for already ongoing projects

We are communicative

Working remotely on a daily basis gives us the chance to use and master different virtual communication technologies and software. Hence, we can always agree on mutual communication means that best meet your requirements. Most importantly, however, is the fact that we are fluent in English and German which makes the communication even easier.

Our working environment

Our office is located in the heart of the Bulgaria’s capital, Sofia. The building where we are based is modern, easily accessible by public transportation and highly secure, with controlled access for visitors.

Working onsite

Even though we have all we need to work and support you remotely, we are well aware that being onsite and working closely with you, is sometimes required in order to achieve the best results. Nearshore means, if the need is there, you can always visit us or let us fly in, whichever you prefer, in a convenient and timely manner.

Especially in the onboarding process for new projects, it is proved to be quite useful to get to know the team you will be working with in person, for it can improve the communication significantly.


Project Management Services

Every challenge in the IT sector requires its own individually tailored project management solution. The most important fundamentals are seamlessly integrated on-site and nearshore services, proactive communication and the use of best practice processes as well as tried and tested tools. Quality always comes first: we consistently focus on proven ITIL Service Management and you can rely on your own contact person at your side from the very beginning.

Our Project Management Services in Sofia provide

  • set-up and operation of project management infrastructure (such as Microsoft SharePoint or Atlassian JIRA)

  • smart take-over and efficient processing of tasks thanks to standardized work procedures based on best practices

  • reliable evaluation of customized project key figures/metrics in conventional formats

  • automation of workflows using Microsoft Office VBA

  • creation and processing of presentations

  • consultation and support of on-site teams and customers when optimizing and simplifying project management processes (for instance via automation)

  • on-site implementation for faster integration with the on-site team

Good communication within the project team is crucial. This is why we rely on clearly defined structures which are also flexible enough to be adapted to new situations. We also count on our PM experts that are suited to you: they help you optimize the organization of your projects, consistently establish efficient structures, streamline processes and correct errors before these evolve into serious problems.

Our Project Management Team in Sofia 

We have solid experience in management of (IT-related) projects in various industries, such as:

  • financial and insurance sector

  • IT/software development

  • (solar) energy

  • public sector

  • tourism

  • academic sector

  • non-governmental sector

  • aviation industry

  • electronic industry

  • automotive industry

  • light & heavy manufacturing industries

Each member of our team has graduated with a technical or economical university degree. We are all fluent in at least two foreign languages – English and German. Members of our team also have additional qualifications like:

  • Project Management Professional (PMP)®

  • Project Management / LMU Munich

  • Marketing & Sales / LMU Munich

  • SPSS / Leibniz Rechenzentrum Munich Certification

  • Sales skills

  • Presentational skills

  • PR in crisis management

  • UX Design

  • CMMI for Development v.1.3

  • Certificate for Conformity assessment of products with safety requirements and CE marking

Our internal training program provides that each member of our team can improve his/hers qualifications and skill set by participating in diverse training courses.

We are agile! We follow the agile and Scrum procedures in our everyday work.

Part of some daily routines  include for instance:

  • performing data analysis

  • gathering and maintaining data and preparing regular or ad-hoc reports

  • development of excel and VBA- based tools

  • automation of routine tasks

  • administration of meetings, workshops, meeting minutes, access administration to collaboration software and others

We are on the top of the following technologies: MS office, VBA, Planview, Sharepoint, Webex, Citrix, Achievo, Confluence, JIRA, Jabber, SPSS, Sawtooth, Gantchart, MS Project, to name a few.


Software Development Services

Software development: variety matters

The appropriate solution for every problem: trust in the expertise of an experienced team that is up to any challenge.

Java / JEE environment and web applications

It starts with your ideas. We use them as a basis to compile project targets, define appropriate technologies and develop intuitive user interfaces that transform your vision into a successful solution. Desktop, mobile or maps - there is hardly an area where Java is not present. With many years of experience in Vaadin, Wicket and Web Server, we create a professional re-engineering of your web application. Our developers’ team has deep expertise in all relevant areas: Java applications/tools/frameworks, frontend and backend development, SWT, AWT/Swing, application server and data base.

Atlassian and Salesforce

With its tool suite, Atlassian provides comprehensive support in the areas of collaboration, tracking, reporting, software development and service requests. As an official Atlassian Solution Partner, our team provides development and configuration services as well as development of customized add-ons and advises you in selecting the right products for you.

With the cloud-based software Salesforce™, you can set up and operate your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) more quickly and efficiently. Our team is very knowledgeable when it comes to configuration, implementation and integration of Salesforce™ CRM products as well as data migration and data cleansing.

Test automation and data consolidation

Continually maintaining and improving software quality - and, throughout this, reacting to modifications right away: for our team, this is business as usual. Quick and comprehensive test automation is often the most efficient solution for software products with longer maintenance time. The crucial point here is avoid manual (and therefore expensive) labor as much as possible, even for diverse data from numerous varied sources. For this, we rely on crawlers (for web-based information) and on technologies such as VBA (for consolidating extensive Excel data).

Mobile first

Just as once the web site used to be the standard, now it is the app. We develop professional mobile business solutions with excellent usability for iOS, Android and Windows.

Our Software Development Team in Sofia

We have solid experience in software development of projects for various industries:

  • insurance industry

  • financial sector

  • telecommunications

  • software industry

  • government agency

  • real estate sector

  • home automation (IoT)

  • ERP systems

  • security observation systems

  • social media

  • e-government

Each member of our team holds an IT-related or engineering university degree. Most of our developers are bilingual and besides Bulgarian are fluent in English. We also have developers who in addition to their English, are fluent in German as well. We are furthermore certified in:

  • Oracle Certified Professional (Java Programmer)

  • Oracle Certified Master (Java Developer)

  • Vaadin framework

  • ISTQB Certified Tester (Foundation Level)

  • Strong analytical skills - Our team members have prizes in Bulgarian national competitions in Mathematics, Informatics and Physics, also 1st prize at a National Competition in Mathematics in Bulgaria

We are agile! We follow the agile and Scrum procedures in our everyday work!

In our daily routines we deal with:

  • design, implementation and testing of complex IT projects (software architecture, development, support, quality assurance)

  • implementation of agile projects

  • technology consulting for financial services, mostly banks and IT service providers

  • requirements engineering, design solutions, development, trainings in JIRA , Confluence administration and Add-On development

  • development of real-time content web-projects

  • development of REST-services

  • development of modular OSGi applications for Smart Home Systems

  • technology Migration

  • onsite consulting Linux/Unix administration

We stay on the top of following technologies:

  • Drug Expert System Groovy, Grails, Vaadin, Java, MySQL, ORM(GORM), Git, Spock

  • WebSphere Portal, JSR286, Wicket, Spring, Hibernate, DB2, Mockito

  • Oracle DB, JUnit, DBUnit, Jira (Add-On)

  • Linux, dynaTrace, IBM Heapdump & Thread Analyzer


  • REST, JSON, PostgreSQLIT

  • JavaScript, Jenkins, HTML, CSS

  • Apache CXF, Enhydra, JMS, Sockets, WebLogic

  • AWS, Redis, Nginx, Jersy



Atlassian Solution Partner

Our Nearshore center in Sofia, Bulgaria is an official Atlassian Solution Partner.

As a company that often follows the agile approach when it comes to project management, we can attest that Atlassian with its product is one of the leading companies for tools that greatly support the agile management of projects.

Contact our Sofia experts and they will be glad to help you out with:

  • licenses: new, renewals, add-ons

  • consultation and support when choosing the right product

  • organization of trainings held by external experts

  • customization and add-ons development

  • support in configuration and administration of Atlassian products


Join our Sofia Team

We caught your interest? Would you like to be part of the team and work on interesting projects? If you see yourself fit in here, then have a look at our open positions in our Nearshore Sofia office, apply online and join us!

Job positions


Got more questions? We have answers.

Holger FinkManaging Director it-economics Bulgaria EOOD

For over 20 years, Holger Fink provided support to numerous customers in the financial services sector as a consultant and later as a partner at Accenture and led various major IT projects at Deutsche Bank for more than 3 years. His experience varies from IT strategy, IT architecture and quality management, implementation of individualised and standard software to outsourcing application development / application maintenance and business processes. Since 2013, Holger Fink is a partner in it-economics GmbH managing the banking sector. He is also a member of the Advisory & Sounding Board and managing director of it-economics in Bulgaria.

Carsten SchäferHead of PM Services

Carsten Schäfer has been successful in the sectors of project management, process consulting and optimisation, test management and enterprise architecture for over 16 years. With many years’ experience in both classic and agile project management methods, he has been the manager responsible for project management solutions at it-economics since 2013. His current main focus is industrialisation of PMOs at major international companies. In Sofia, he is responsible for the sector project management services.

Tobias PreglerHead of Software Development

Tobias Pregler is a consultant for more than 13 years and has successfully supported many IT management projects in various roles. He is a certified Scrum Product Owner and is IREB requirements engineer manager for it-economics GmbH in Munich since 2008. His experience covers many areas ranging from the development and implementation of software in both the agile and classic methods and in portfolio management. At it-economics Bulgaria, he is responsible for the software development.