Real estate financing: Calculating with system

Historically low interest rates make it possible: An increasing number of companies and private individuals are looking to invest in real estate, and everyone wants professional advice. What everyone wants most here is a model calculation that accurately and realistically reveals the interest rates and amortisation over the entire term.

These calculations are highly complex. The parameters are types of loans (such as annuities and amortisable loans), terms, interest rates and payment rates. Depending on whether the property will, for example, be an investment, occupied by the owner or rented out, there are further variables that must be taken into account. Adding to this are individual wishes, such as special payment or repayment options. At the same time, legislations regularly change, like SEPA for example, or the stipulations of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). Also often in the financing mix is a building loan contract – a whole new thing of its own with a multitude of rules and regulations.

The bill, please!

As complex as the calculation is, the results must be clear and transparent: The loan amount, or the monthly rate, is the most important factor for the customer. He needs a system that reliably stores all available information and is constantly up to date. The customer advisor, in turn, is mainly concerned about securities and liquidity. Only with all of this information can loan decisions be transparent and secure.

We are the experts when it comes to software that calculates models for real estate financing. We are conversant in the technology and in the industry, and have been for many years. You can trust our solid industry and technical expertise. We provide you with reliable tools for making decisions on construction loans. These are always state-of-the-art. With standardised, repeatable and ideally automated test runs, we ensure the integrity of existing and correctness of new functions. We adapt quickly and in time for changes in laws with a minimum of maintenance effort. Everything is optimised for the customer adviser. After all, only optimum advice will get the loan agreement signed.

Our range of services:

  • Information workshop "Applications for real estate financing and saving with a building society"
  • Support on the requirements analysis, design and implementation in this segment – from model calculation to the loan decision
  • Fully responsible handling and implementation of projects in the construction loan segment by experienced project managers and application developers – from requirements analysis to operation.