it-economics got the most out of PMO-Tag and PM Forum 2016

From September 17th to 19th, PMO-Tag and PM-Forum, the biggest German events on PMO and project management, took place at the Nuremberg trade fair. After joining the German Project Management Association, it-economics was participating as an exhibitor and giving a lecture at the conference for the first time. 

Joining the GPM – strengthening IPMA

In September, it-economics joined the German association for project management (GPM – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Projektmanagement e.V.) in an effort to strengthen the European certification standard IPMA. GPM is the German representative of the International Project Management Association (IPMA), which offers a four-step certification system for project managers. “The GPM membership is an important step for it-economics, being an IT consultancy with sustainable project management and trainings offers. The strong focus on soft skills within the IPMA system perfectly fits our IT3 approach. In addition to sector expertise and technological knowledge, management competences have always been the strength of our project managers”, explained Torsten Klein, it-economics’ CEO.

Exhibiting at PM-Forum and PMO-Tag in Nuremberg

Following the GPM membership, it-economics was an exhibitor at PMO-Tag and PM-Forum in Nuremberg, the biggest German events on Project Management Office (PMO) and Project Management with over 1.000 visitors and 45 exhibitors, for the first time. At the booth, it-economics’ project management experts presented various projects and showcased the broad set of skills in methods and tools within the company. The main focus, however, was on the project managers, presenting themselves, their individual experience and their soft skills.

Besides that, a visitor survey was carried out at the booth regarding the question how they perceive project management in their company. The result: classic project management methods are used by a majority of over 40 percent (41%), while the relatively new methods of agile project management gain momentum, being used in every third case (32%). Most surprising: even among professionals there is a minority of around a quarter (27%) experiencing a chaotic and reactive management style in their projects. Following these insights, consultancy and improved knowledge are still in great demand.

Knowledge, best practice and networking at the conference

With a conference program of around 60 lectures and twelve different subject areas, everyone interested in project management and PMO was able to find new knowledge fitting his demands. From digital transformation and industry 4.0, lean and agile methods to actual studies and PM trends, the full spectrum of topics was addressed. As an expert in lean project management, Stefan Lipowsky, Senior Manager at it-economics, held a lecture about “Kanban – self-organization and continuous improvement”. Besides a quick introduction into Kanban, its development, principles, procedures and success factors, he provided best practice advise on situations that are suited for using Kanban and covered various successful example projects.

Besides the busy fair and conference, the three days of PMO-Tag and PM-Forum offered plenty of time for networking . During the “blue hour”, various booths offered the opportunity for chatting and networking in a relaxed atmosphere, and during the festive banquet on the second day outstanding projects and young academics of the branch got awarded.

For our PMO and project management team, the three days were packed with new information and new contacts. Surely, it-economics will be part of the next PMO-Tag and PM-Forum!