it is more than a x-mas party - 10 years of it-economics

According to this motto, it-economics GmbH celebrated the 10 years anniversary of its foundation, last Thursday, in Munich.  
Torsten Klein, the CEO, reminded the audience during his welcoming speech, of the search for identity of the young it-economics and the development of the company, only 3 strong in the beginning, to a medium sized IT consultancy company with currently four locations in Germany. He expressed his gratitude for the success towards the trust of the employees and the customers in the company.

As a surprise guest, the Bayern 3 comedian Chris Boettcher entertained the guests with jokes and parodies, which had especially field of IT and it-economics in their focus. The very entertaining and diversified evening mirrored once more the secret of the success behind it-economics: it is more than technology – it is the individuals behind IT!