it-economics Bulgaria in Sofia is growing further

2014 it-economics Bulgaria was founded and located in Sofia. The development of the nearshore center is a real success story: the site is growing further with new colleagues and now establishes – besides project management services and software development – a third team, focusing on application management.

Standardized services are in a close competitive environment over price-performance-ration. Nevertheless customers expect highly professional, international experienced developers and project management specialists, which can be quickly relocated on-site, if needed. it-economics found these expectations met in Bulgaria with excellently trained IT professionals combined with a good knowledge of German language and mode of operation. Today, many customers can’t imagine to run their projects without the support of our nearshore center.

New team for application management

Up-to-date, 15 employees work in the areas of project management and software development in two teams for different customers in Germany. Additionally, a third team is currently build up, focusing on application management. It will take care of operation and maintenance of already existing software applications. Five new specialists will shortly join the existing team. “Thereby, our need for software developers, application managers and PMO specialists is still not satisfied” comments Holger Fink, CEO of it-economics Bulgaria on the future development of the office.

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