With cloud-based platform solutions ahead of the competition - it-economics becomes Pivotal Systems Integrator

it-economics enlarges its offering in cloud-based services. As Pivotal Systems Integrator, the IT consulting firm now supports Pivotal Cloud Foundry as platform as a service (PaaS) for modern application development. Complemented by agile methods, rapid software development can be combined with easy scalability and cost reduction in IT operations.


Cloud environments are playing an increasingly important role in digitalization. They provide the technical basis for development of applications as simple, quick, and cost-effective as possible. Only on this basis, development teams can profit from the full range of agile approaches and the implementation of DevOps becomes feasible. The combination of cloud and agile provide tremendous opportunities for fast time-to-market, lower costs in IT operations and optimal scalability of software applications, providing decisive competitive advantages. Therefore it-economics has partnered with Pivotal to enable customers to develop modern applications in an optimally aligned cloud environment.

Pivotal Cloud Foundry as Platform as a Service

Cloud Foundry is an open-source PaaS that makes enterprise applications easy to develop, roll out, and scale. Together with Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Pivotal provides an enhanced version of the basic software, as well as additional services.
Pivotal Cloud Foundry is the base layer for complex applications, orchestrating and operating most of the application components. For example, micro-services based on Spring Boot can be created and loaded into Cloud Foundry. The administration of the services can then take place via input console or conveniently via web interface: no matter if a service should be scaled or databases should be connected. This enables the DevOps idea come to life by establishing continuous and test-driven software development as well as easy operation and maintenance of applications. Other important features of Pivotal Cloud Foundry are:

  • Centralized platform administration
  • Centralized logging, application monitoring and dynamic routing
  • Role-based access to applications on the platform
  • Support for a variety of infrastructure providers, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Openstack, or VMware vSphere

Cloud solutions from it-economics

As a Pivotal System Integrator, it-economics is now, even more than before, able to offer its customers these tools and methods for enterprise applications from the conception phase all the way to production. In addition, trainers and coaches provide the introduction and practice of agile methods and DevOps. Experienced teams also support the development of custom application solutions across multiple platforms and with extensive financial, insurance and energy expertise.