Improved coordination in projects and in the company through visualization: it-economics is now in partnership with Lucidchart

A productive cooperation is achieved when all parties involved have the necessary information. Visualization facilitates the presentation of complex content such as organizations, processes and connections. To offer its customers even better collaboration solutions in future, it-economics is entering into a strategic partnership with Lucidchart, the leading visualization tool.


A picture is worth a thousand words - to represent and communicate ideas, information and processes in a clear and understandable way, visualization is usually helpful, often even inevitable. A teamwork combined with a comprehensive collaboration tool with diagrams and charts, unfolds the full potential and creates mutual understanding and agile working.

The leading visualization solution from Lucidchart

Lucidchart is the leading visualization software used by numerous well-known companies and organizations worldwide. The software allows you to create flow charts, network diagrams, UML diagrams, ER diagrams, wireframe diagrams, system documentation, organizational charts, process diagrams and more. These can be simply put together with drag-and-drop in an intuitive interface. Lucidchart is used in IT, product development and engineering as well as in operations management and sales. As a web application, the software is scalable and can be used across platforms.


Integration with the Atlassian Suite

A key advantage of Lucidchart is its seamless integration with the Atlassian Suite. For example, diagrams can be created, edited and embedded directly in the Atlassian Confluence wiki environment. Lucidchart is also fully compatible with Atlassian Jira: diagrams can be added to tickets, which simplifies communication within teams. The presentation mode of Lucidchart can be used to attach entire sets of slides to tickets.

it-economics: official partner of Lucidchart in German-speaking countries

With its Atlassian portfolio, it-economics offers its customers 360 ° solution - from consultation, health checks, managed hosting, configuration and administration, to training courses and workshops. As an Atlassian Solution Partner and now also as a strategic partner of Lucidchart in German-speaking countries, it-economics advises and supports the establishment and implementation of customized collaboration solutions based on Atlassian and offers direct support as well as a DSGVO-compliant implementation in the use of Lucidchart. Operation, maintenance and data management of the complete solution is hosted on German servers, considering all common data protection guidelines.