IT-Security tool published: the it-economics password card

“Your password is about to expire in 4 days!” – this message is probably known to most of us from our everyday work: the password for the company computer or the access to the customer, needs to be changed at least every 30 days and it should be aligned by the two company passwords guidelines.

As this is best for security at work, the process usually turns into a pain for the users of company hard- and software.

Set passwords systematically with the it-economics password card

Using a secure password manager (not a scrap of paper or an excel sheet) is a good solution to keep overview of your different passwords.

For regular password changes, it is practical to develop a password system. Driven by the need to find and change a new password every few weeks and by the idea of the password card of “Deutschland sich im Netz e.V.”, the it-economics password card was developed.

The tool offers the possibility to generate a personal password card – with special character, letter case and number. An eight-digit password can, for example, utilize a zig-zag-pattern from bottom to top. As in the picture, following from position G7 onwards, the password would be: “2vwmv9nw”. As long as the password is not marked, as in the photo, the password card could even be left openly in the office.

The it-economics password card can be accessed following link and it will generate a new password matrix every time the link is opened: