Emotional intelligence in diverse teams or how to grow strong in a rugged world


When people say Software developer or IT consultant, they usually envision a man.

Well…stereotypes are changing and looking around in our office today, women are forming about 40% of it-economics Bulgaria.

Did we do it in purpose, just because we want to be modern and diverse? NO. After all, we work for customers and they care if the job is done timely and professionally and do not care if it is performed by a diverse team.

When a person is interested in professional and personal development, he or she will pursue their development goals independently of the gender stereotypes. This also applies to our female colleagues, who have positioned themselves successfully at different levels in our company hierarchy, thanks to our company value – people are the most important asset.

So why do we care about the Women@it-economics?

We have found interesting aspects to help us further develop our strengths. Not just as women, but as professionals, who are keen on gaining knowledge that will help perform better at our jobs. This is also valid for the male colleagues.

 “Women at it-economics” is a format, where female consultants can exchange experiences. This year’s edition will focus on the Emotional Intelligence, and the event will be held in September, in Sofia. Together with the colleagues from Germany, we will be professionally coached, and we will self-reflect on our current skillset, and will become aware of what it takes to be emotionally intelligent. After the full-day workshop, we’ll take care for our body and mind health by visiting a Yoga class together. And as in the men’s world, we will call the day with a glass or two in a bar.

it-economics is an International company, and as such, we care about having happy and diverse team. One of the recent surveys confirmed it – 94% of our colleagues agree that it-economics is a great place to work, and our female co-workers are 2 per cent more satisfied with it-economics as an employer compared to the male co-workers (f: 96% - m: 94%). Following this mindset and mission, we are launching an initiative to further spread the diversity and inclusion culture within it-economics. Techies, Management, HR, Recruiting, and Marketing are joining forces to promote an even more colorful crowd.

We are happy to be part of a good team where colleagues do not judge your capabilities by your gender, sexual orientation, nationality or beliefs.