it-economics certified as "Great Place to Work"

it-economics has been certified by Great Place to Work® as an "Attractive Employer". The certification is an addition to a series of awards from the past year, including the recently awarded "Top Employer Mittelstand" award from Focus Business.

The most important asset of a company is the employees. Every organization should work to ensure their satisfaction and to develop it further. In 2018, it-economics was externally evaluated by Great Place to Work® and successfully passed the certification.

Great Place to Work® Certified


The certification program "Great Place to Work® Certified" of the International Research and Consulting Institute has a special commitment in shaping the workplace culture and is provided according to a secure procedure. Components of the evaluation are an independent, anonymous survey of employees and the analysis of HR measures and programs. It-economics achieved a much higher than average rating of the workplace culture and was able to improve even further compared to the last survey in 2015.

Excellent results for it-economics

"We are very pleased that our colleagues rated us so well in the anonymous survey," says Petra Ozimek, CHRO, it-economics. "The results show that the measures derived from the last survey were obviously well received by the colleagues. In addition, the certification provides us with new impetus to further improve our position as an attractive employer in the future. "

In various areas, new measures have already been initiated and implemented in the course of certification. "Good employers have one thing in common," explains Sebastian Diefenbach, Head of Customer Services at Great Place to Work®, "they are committed to credible, fair leadership and the active promotion of employees. Respect, trust and team spirit are very much part of the corporate culture. "

About Great Place to Work®

Petra Ozimek, CHRO and site manager Munich

Petra Ozimek, CHRO and site manager Munich

Great Place to Work® is an international research and consulting institute that supports companies in around 60 countries in developing their corporate and workplace culture. A trust-oriented and high-performance culture not only ensures motivation and commitment of employees, but also strengthens the economic performance of a company. It plays a key role in successfully mastering change processes such as digital transformation or demographic change. Each year, Great Place to Work® honors very good employers internationally, nationally, regionally, and industry-specifically for their performance based on anonymous employee surveys and analysis of corporate culture. The German institute with headquarters in Cologne was founded in 2002 and currently employs around 90 people: