CSD 2019 – A clear message for diversity and tolerance

For the LGBTQ+ community, 2019 is a year full of anniversaries. On 28th of June 1969, exactly 50 years ago, occurred the rebellion at Stonewall Inn on Christopher Street. This event gave a head start of the movement for Recognition and Equal treatment. Worldwide, this day is commemorated by the celebration of Christopher Street Day. At the same time this day serves as a celebration, commemoration and demonstration for LBGTQ+ rights in general. It was the 40th time this event took place in Munich. Also 2019 marks the 25th anniversary of the abolition of section 175 in the German Criminal Code, which criminalized sexual acts between males.

In this important year we, as it-economics, also make a clear statement. We are committed to an open and colorful society, free of discrimination. As an employer, we value the innovation and the abundance of ideas coming from diverse teams. We want to give everyone the security of being able to fully express themselves and their individual perspective. Accordingly, diversity is also one of the six core values that characterize us as a company. Our participation in the CSD is to send a clear message to the outside world as well as to everyone in the company.

Inspired by the motto of this year's Munich CSD "50 years Stonewall - Celebrate diversity! Fight for equality" our motto is:

Individualism, Tolerance, Equality - All for ONE, and ONE for ALL!