Fun4all Rhein-Ruhr

Last weekend, the Rhein-Ruhr delegation undertook a challenging expedition to Düsseldorf to the Halle Mensch with numerous family members. People from Cologne were also there, but they desired not to be mentioned here by name.

People participated in rock climbing, played beach volleyball and football. The sunny, sauna-like weather wasn’t a hindrance for our project tested members. There was even one newborn who made its first attempts in bouldering.

Our soccer players were able to hold their ground against the neighboring children's birthday party for a while. Larger injuries could, as far as known, be avoided. Conditional weaknesses were skillfully overplayed - but we don't know such things, we can only speculate.

Knowledge was shared at the final BBQ, jokes were made, and personal conversations were exchanged. Project goal achieved in time and budget!