Women at it-economics – We can do IT!


Last Thursday, our Dusseldorf office held a special training – a training that touched base with the universal pattern of women’s inferior access to resources and opportunities. We at it-economics want to change that pattern and think that we are on the right track. Our women’s quota has steadily increased since 2014.

At it-economics, we work in mixed teams, and this proved to be a successful recipe of working on a project. Therefore, our goal is to raise the awareness of the gender stereotypes which will further lead to strengthening the women’s presence in the company. We want to show recognition and use synergies not only to facilitate the collaboration but also to boost happiness among our colleagues.

A day after the International Day of the Girl Child 2017, consultants from all locations gathered in Dusseldorf, and took the opportunity to learn about common misconceptions and means of reflections. The participants spent a day, filled with great energy, intensive coaching and useful advices. "The basis of a good advice is the awareness about one's personality and role. It is also good to know that the others are dealing with similar issues. With a good network, challenges in everyday life are easier to control, "says Christiane Dick, Consultant at it-economics and organizer of the event.