An excerpt of our project references:

  • Energy sales and Costing platform
  • Introduction giropay
  • Information portal
  • SEPA implementation
  • Call Routing for banks Customer Service Center
  • Framework Development for Banking User Interface
  • Integrated Real Estate Financing
  • Expanding customer portal
  • Intranet construction
  • Private pharmaceutical Publisher
  • Agile Enterprise Transition
  • Performance management
  • Governance - Project
  • Global Infrastructure Transformation
  • Construction PMO and Requirements Management
  • Kanban introduction
  • Agile Coaching

Introduction giropay



Management: 20%
Technology: 30%
Expertise: 50%

giropay is an e-payment system jointly developed and brought to market by the German savings banks, Postbank and Volksbanken/Raiffeisenbanken. It was presented to the public on 13 February 2006. Aim of project is to launch giropay across the cooperative-bank network and carry out further development on the deployed system. Key features of giropay:


  • Integration in e-banking: customers utilise their banks' familiar online banking portal
  • No additional registration required


  • Customary online banking security processes (PIN/TAN) used
  • Avoidance of incorrect entries and remittances as the relevant transfer data is filled in automatically

Fast service:

  • Immediate feedback that the transfer to the vendor is successful (payment guarantee) enables goods to be dispatched faster

Project outlay

  • Project outlay: > 100 PM
  • 1 employees in the PMO

IT environment

Java, J2EE, JBoss, Tomcat, Apache, web services, DB2



Management: 30%
Technology: 50%
Expertise: 20%

#Informations platform
#Task management

The aim of the project is to provide an information platform for bank employees that consolidates and integrates heterogeneous sources of information, classifying them in a uniform manner for the users. In addition, various value-added services such as task management, re-submissions and protected areas are being implemented.

Project outlay

  • Project outlay: ~ 35 PM each release
  • 9 employees in the PMO

IT environment

Java, Wicket, Ajax, Spring, Hibernate, Lotus™ Notes Domino™, IBM™ WebSphere™ application and portal server


  • Project management
  • Content analysis and design
  • Definition of architecture
  • Implementation
  • Organisation and execution of testing

Our roles

  • Project manager
  • Designer
  • Architect
  • Developer
  • Test manager
  • Tester


Introduction of SEPA

Management: 50%
Technology: 10%
Expertise: 40%


The aim of the project is to introduce SEPA for the German branch of a global acting insurance company in order to meet the requirements for a single Euro payments area as of 1st February 2014, when national procedures will be replaced by SEPA credit transfers and SEPA direct debits.

Project outlay

  • > 100 employees in the programme
  • Project outlay  > 500 PM
  • 4 employees in the PMO

IT environment

Mainframe, DB2, java clients, JBoss application server, etc.


  • Project manager SEPA and collection process of SEPA, SEPA PMO und requirements- and testmanagement
  • Analysis of the existing processes and systems in the project
  • Implementation of the complex legal SEPA requirements in a heterogeneous system landscape (e.g. Pre-Notification)
  • Design of mandate administration processes and implementation in ABS as well as in legacy systems
  • Establishing a consistent testing methodology for the requirements using HP Quality Center
  • Design and management of systematic tests for all requirements in the heterogeneous IT environment
  • Setup and operation of the SEPA PMO to support the program manager by compiling LA documents, budget summaries, interpretations of Planview as well as HP Demand data

Our roles

  • Project lead
  • PMO
  • Testmanagement
  • Requirements managment.


Integrated Real Estate Financing

Management: 30%
Technology: 30%
Expertise: 40%

#Real Estate Financing
#Regular maintenance acitvities


The project revolves around the maintenance and ongoing development of several modules for integrating network partners in bank workstations. The application enables bank operatives to request loan offers from the integrated partner companies and to place loan applications with them. In addition, loan applications can be passed on electronically to the partners in order to reach a decision.

Project outlay

  • Project outlay: > 100 PM
  • 6 employees in the PMO

IT environment

Java/J2EE/J2SE, Swing, JBF, web services, MQ-Series, mainframe, Tomcat, DB2, Cobol, IMS, IMS-DB


  • Carrying out scheduled maintenance activities
  • Incident management and processing of ticketsv
  • Implementing development specifications
  • Executing project management tasks for managing scheduled maintenance and ongoing development projects

Our roles

  • Project manager
  • incident/test manager
  • Developer
  • Quality manager