The IT industry's most important resource is its people. No matter whether they are economists, IT specialists, engineers or scientists, our staffs bring to bear their individuality, enthusiasm, dedication and diverse methods of observation, taking every aspect of a project into consideration in order to ensure its overall success.

The following values form the basis on which we continue to build, enabling us to achieve our vision of tomorrow by taking the right incremental steps today.

We are...

... compact, yet sophisticated
... team players, not loners
... a software boutique, not an IT factory
... specialists in particular industries, not "jacks-of-all-trades"
... hands on instead of stand-offish
... strong local - but not global - players




Our overriding goal is to deliver services of consistently high quality in the long term. We safeguard and optimise our innovative "it-economics quality" on an ongoing basis through a regular process of quality assurance.

Customer focus

We treat our customers as equal partners, cooperating closely with them to develop solutions that exactly match their specific needs. Our efforts are always clearly directed towards finding and implementing the best solution possible.


Delivering top performance in the long term means tackling even everyday challenges with commitment and passion. That is why we consider it so important for all our staff members to approach their work with enthusiasm and motivation, making their own individual contributions to our overall success

Interdisciplinary mindset

We blend individual areas of competence such as management skills, specialist knowledge and technological know-how into a dynamic whole. As "highly specialised generalists", we develop solutions that are not only of high quality and practicable, but, more importantly, future-proof.


Thanks to our environment of trust, our close partnership with our clients and staff, and our open and honest methods of communication, we are able - each and every day - to live the values that we espouse.