Digital Transformation

Digitization is a decisive factor for the future of almost all industries and companies. However, many companies hesitate to consistently embark on the path towards digitization, either because the vision is still blurred, the change process has not yet been initialized, or the resources are not available. This is where we come in: it-economics develops digitization concepts as well as individual software solutions and supports companies on their way to agility.

VUCA: Challenges of a digitized world

Digitization offers unimagined possibilities, but also presents us with challenges that can only be mastered using new approaches:

  • Volatility (V): The speed of change created by new technologies and business models is enormous. As a result, markets and industries become more volatile and change with increasing dynamics. Thus, companies need to build strategic partnerships and fluctuation buffers.
  • Uncertainty (U): Digitization rewrites various economy rules and creates new markets (disruption). As customers and competitors are no longer clearly locatable, uncertainty about market developments increases. On the one hand, companies must develop new visions about how to persist in an environment like this; on the other hand, they need to significantly increase their agility to respond quickly to unforeseen developments.
  • Complexity (C): The mass of data, new rules and various interdependencies make projects more complex and complicate predictability. Companies must learn to cleverly manage their data and to use them in an innovative way. Big Data and Artificial Intelligence approaches can help here.
  • Ambiguity (A): The loss of common interpretation patterns makes previously valid cause-effect relations and established business models less important. Companies need to counteract the ambiguity of information and market developments using new business models.

Digitization solutions along the entire delivery chain

We help you to cope with the challenges of digitization by offering services along the entire delivery chain of IT management:

digitization by offering services along the entire delivery chain of IT management

digitization by offering services along the entire delivery chain of IT management

Where does your company stand? What can we do for you?

  • First steps have already been taken, but a proper roadmap is missing? Together we develop a vision, assist in planning concrete steps and take care of the project management of new and ongoing IT projects on request.
  • You would like to develop and bring products to market faster, but do not know how? New approaches such as Design Thinking, Lean, Scrum and DevOps are suitable to increase the efficiency and motivation of your teams. Our experienced coaches and trainers accompany the introduction of and transition to new working methods.
  • The processes in your company are too protracted and static? Our experts analyze your business processes and assist in visualization and digitization of processes.
  • Your software is not up to date or does not fit a dynamic company? We develop appropriate, individual software solutions and mobile applications or refine existing systems.
  • Is your IT infrastructure too inflexible or expensive? We show how your company may benefit from alternative solutions like Cloud Computing or Software as a Service (SaaS).

Our proprietary IT³ concept guarantees the usage of suitable management methods, current technology and branch-specific expertise. it-economics particularly focuses on companies from the financial, insurance and energy branches.