We are committed to our clients. We are also committed, though, to people who lack opportunity. To this end, we support several charitable projects throughout the world, helping people to shape their lives in an independent and self-confident way.

We are supporting the following projects

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The JOBLINGE Initiative

Many of us occasionally dream about not having to work. At the same time, there are many young adults who want just that: work – specifically, a job that moves them forward and makes it possible for them to stand on their own two feet. For this reason, we support the JOBLINGE Initiative.

The initiative offerspersonal guidance to young people between the ages of 15 and 25, who after finishing school are having difficulties infinding aworkplace or pursuing further education. The young people prepare themselves for the job market for six months, assisted by volunteer mentors and supported through their interaction in the group. It is an intense time, during which the participants' confidence in their own strengths grows. Subsequently, more than 70% of the participants succeed in finding an unsubsidized training place or even a permanent position. With our donations, we help with this important step toward an independent life.

Pledge 1%

it-economics already joined this initiative at the Atlassian Summit in May 2017. Pledge 1% was founded by Atlassian, Salesforce and Rally. Aim of the initiative is to invite companies of all sizes and stages to join the initiative and to invest 1% of product, 1% of profit, or 1% of employee time to make the world a better place.

Share the Meal

Eating ice cream for a good cause: under the motto "Ice Cream to Share", we supported the app "Share the Meal", an initiative of the World Food Programme, at JBFOne 2015, the technology conference of Fiducia & GAD IT AG. Thanks to this app, anyone can share his or her meal via smartphone with a needy child somewhere in the world – and feed that child for a whole day for only 40 cents.

An idea that inspired us: for each ice cream eaten at our ice cream stand, we donated a meal. At the end of the day, our CEO Torsten Klein topped up the number of meals to meet the number of participants. In this way, we donated 850 meals to Syrian children in a refugee camp in Jordan, an effort that impressed the participants as much as the app itself.

The Bali Project

Many children in Bali lack adequate school supplies. We support a German teacher, who emigrated to Bali years ago and teaches school children there. She does so with laptops that we no longer needed. The children learn to write, gain experience in using computers, improve their English and have a chance to discover the world via the Internet.

Foundation Allianz für Kinder

Allianz Deutschland AG together with its employees and representatives has been committed to helping children and youths for almost 20 years now, focusing on young people who need special support due to their physical, mental, emotional or social development.

Every year, the foundation supports about 200 projects including pet therapies for traumatized children, anti-aggression coaching for youths, sports wheelchairs for young basketballers as well as play equipment for mother-and-child homes.

Project partners are charitable initiatives and non-profit organizations which are in urgent need of support and do usually not get much publicity. Allianz employees and representatives nominate projects, collect donations or give active support. Together they work for a common goal: Making the lives of children and youths easier and paving their way for a better future.

Our fundraising campaign for the benefit of “Foundation Allianz für Kinder” on December 6th, St. Nicholas’ Day, is called “Consultants for Charity Day” and takes place in 2017 for the second time.

This year (2017), the joint donation is granted to the public charity Zentrum für kindliche Mehrsprachigkeit e.V. (Center for Childhood Multilingualism; www.kikus.org). The charity’s main object is to make language and education accessible to every child and thus to create equal opportunities.

In 2016, the complete donation went towards the project SchlaU-Schule Munich. Here, unaccompanied minor refugees are trained specifically, intensively and individually at several schools in the Munich area. With growing success: About 85 pupils graduate per year and get an apprentice position or a place at a secondary school.

Nimakeja – Foundation for Plan
Scholarships for the Education of Kamalari Girls in Nepal

Our donation goes to the NIMAKEJA Foundation – Aid for Children and is tied to the Kamalari Project in Nepal, which Plan International runs onsite.

Kamalari means "hard-working woman". Although child labour has been officially prohibited in Nepal since 2000, the exploitation of girls remains part of everyday life in southwest Nepal. Girls from poor families, such as those of the Tharu ethnic group, are frequently sold as Kamalari to rich families, for whom they have to work for as many as 18 hours a day.

Plan is committed to the abolition of this common practice and has so far succeeded in freeing thousands of girls from their employment relationship. They are encouraged to return to their families and to start or continue with their education. Plan facilitates career training for the older girls and young women and assists them in starting businesses.