Software architecture: I'd like that structured but flexible, please

What is a plan for the project manager is architecture for software developers. When employing agile methods, there are particular challenges regarding the architecture: It must provide a structure while also remaining adaptable to new requirements throughout the entire development. Too-rigid models are counterproductive – and a high cost factor.

Our philosophy is: Software must stay "soft" during development. The architecture must provide structure, but must also grow with the solution. This is one reason why a project cannot start with a final structure.

Precise, but with all degrees of freedom

In order to develop an optimum, adaptable architecture, we use a multitude of proven, innovative tools, such as our proprietary Mosca framework. From the outset, our experienced architects define the framework, which is subsequently refined to increasing detail as the project progresses – thus giving the developers greatest possible freedom. The architects act as an interface between functionality and technology, aiming for the earliest possible ROI and lowest possible TCO. They are partners on equal terms – and developers, who can tackle the problems themselves.

Our range of services

  • Concepts such as incremental architecture and set-based designs
  • Lightweight standards, such as Arc42
  • Architecture documentation with situation-adapted tools such as Confluence and Ascidoc
  • Maintenance of information flows between architects and development teams
  • Continuous support during the entire product development cycle
  • Combination of open-source libraries and tools with proprietary developments
  • Use of cross-project frameworks (Mosca) for shortest time-to-market