Manage and communicate technology adoption for your organization through your own TechRadar

As an IT consulting firm, it is imperative not only to keep up with new technologies, trends and methods, but also to form a dedicated opinion on the respective trends. Inspired by the ideas of Neal Ford or the famous Thoughtworks Technology Radar, we created the TechRadar plugin for Confluence as a solution to allow companies to maintain their own version of a technology radar.

The plugin is available for free in the Atlassian marketplace, and allows company-wide communication and opinion-forming on all kinds of topics – not necessarily of a technological nature. A body of architects meets regularly to evaluate existing or new topics and possibly integrate them into the radar. For more background information, we refer to the blog post "Build Your Own Technology Radar" or the whitepaper by Neil Ford.


Visualize your thoughts

Track technologies over time

Flexible radar management

Following the ideas of Neil Ford or likewise the well accepted Thoughtworks Technology Radar this plugin gives you the means of a radar to visualize, categorize and reflect on technologies, trends and hypes.

It's important that a user is easily able to determine whether a topic is growing or is it shrinking in terms of relevance. The radar gives you the possibility to track a spots way through (its history at) the radar.

Manage as much radar-instances as you like - customize their representation in terms of topic (they don't have to be technology related), size or color.